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What's On

Business Innovation Summit 2013: Innovation for the Corporation

Fairmont Royal York Hotel | Toronto

The Business Innovation Summit is a two–day event focused on how to re-think, re-new and transform firm-level innovation in Canada. It explores the real-life challenges and opportunities of innovation within firms—and features tangible solutions that work. An exciting combination of high-profile keynote speakers, special interactive presentations and delegate-expert sharing offers participants unique insights and tools to improve innovation results in their own organizations.

The Summit is international in scope, attracting presenters and participants from across Canada and around the world, and features topics such as:

  • Innovators and Capital Markets - the challenge of financing business innovation in Canada.
  • Canada's Entrepreneurial Future - how start-ups can help narrow Canada's innovation gap and help Canada become more competitive globally.
  • Lessons from Corporate World Leaders - success stories from leading innovation nations: Germany, Israel, Switzerland, and the United States.
  • The Power of Big Data - how organizations can benefit from its use and how investment opportunities can help Canada achieve future growth.
  • Funding and Growing Innovation in Canada – how more companies can successfully gain funding from angel investors.
  • Developing Skills that Create an Innovation Culture - creating a corporate culture for commercialization success.


The Business Innovation Summit will bring together over 300 participants including: senior business leaders and decision makers, key innovation experts, venture capitalists and other types of investors, entrepreneurs, government officials, leading academics, and Canadian institutes and associations focused on innovation. The Summit will provide an opportunity for participants to learn, discuss and debate the latest issues and trends relating to innovation, and determine strategies to contribute to improving innovation in Canada, at the firm-level.


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