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BCIC partners with other organizations to create and deliver programs and support key industry initiatives that meet its mission of accelerating the commercialization of BC technologies. Through specific programs and initiatives that support startups and develop entrepreneurs, BCIC is facilitating job creation and the development of highly skilled talent, making it easier for entrepreneurs and startup companies to succeed in BC. BCIC's work includes support of initiatives that encourage entrepreneurship.

To meet the needs of BC’s growing technology sector, BCIC works closely with partners located in all regions of the province to deliver programs and resources that address the needs of technology entrepreneurs in their local communities. BCIC works closely with partner organizations to support the focus and strengths of their region, benefiting the sectors where our province has a competitive advantage. To ensure successful delivery of programs through these partnerships, BCIC stays up-to-date on each partner’s progress.  This is in part achieved through progress reports which are completed by partners.

Programs & Initiatives

Venture Acceleration Program

The Venture Acceleration Program is a paid structured venture growth program designed to guide, coach and grow ambitious early‐stage technology entrepreneurs and effectively grow their technology ventures. The Venture Acceleration Program helps entrepreneurs accelerate the process of defining a proven business model based on a set methodology and set of best practices for growing technology companies.

The goal of the program is to drive economic development and job creation in the province of BC by accelerating the commercialization of technology, resulting in the rapid growth of technology ventures.

The Venture Acceleration Program is delivered by a team of Executives in Residence (EIRs) and supported by a province‐wide network of partners and entrepreneurs. Together, they make up the BC Acceleration Network, an alliance of regional partners, EiRs and executive-level mentors.

Visit the BC Venture Acceleration Program website for complete information about the program, delivery partners, EIRs and how to get involved.


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