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BCIC partners with other organizations to create and deliver programs and support key industry initiatives that meet its mission of accelerating the commercialization of BC technologies. Through specific programs and initiatives that support startups and develop entrepreneurs, BCIC is facilitating job creation and the development of highly skilled talent, making it easier for entrepreneurs and startup companies to succeed in BC. BCIC's work includes support of initiatives that encourage entrepreneurship.

To meet the needs of BC’s growing technology sector, BCIC works closely with partners located in all regions of the province to deliver programs and resources that address the needs of technology entrepreneurs in their local communities. BCIC works closely with partner organizations to support the focus and strengths of their region, benefiting the sectors where our province has a competitive advantage. To ensure successful delivery of programs through these partnerships, BCIC stays up-to-date on each partner’s progress.  This is in part achieved through progress reports which are completed by partners.

Programs & Initiatives

Zengar Institute

In March 2009, the founders of the Zengar Institute, Dr. Susan Cheshire Brown and Dr. Valdeane Brown, were evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of expanding their operations. The Drs. Brown were very passionate about their NeurOptimalTM neurofeedback training system and their mission was to see the benefits of their neurofeedback system accessible to everyone. Over more than a decade, the two psychologists had invested many hours perfecting NeurOptimalTM. Now, with a dedicated and enthusiastic training community, they were confident that NeurOptimalTM was the best neurofeedback system on the market. It was time to shift their focus to the business side. How could they grow the business to maximize the reach of NeurOptimalTM while at the same time providing a solid return to support their eventual retirement? Were they the right people to grow this business?

Downloads: Business Case Study (PDF) | Request teaching notes | Zengar Institute website

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